Winner of the 25th Chelsea International Art Competition, juried by Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Member of BBK in 2010. 
The BBK is the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany.

Born in Nuremberg, Lechner now resides in Eckental in the south of Germany. He began his career as a photo lab technician apprentice, then moved onwards to an apprenticeship as a photographer, and is now a member of the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany. Jürgen’s creations reflect this journey; his efforts reflect what is possible by slowing down.

In a period characterized by technological advances, German photographer Jürgen Lechner looks to the earliest photographic techniques: pinhole photography with a camera obscura. In doing so, Lechner presents the spectator with contemporary scenes that highlight the often-overlooked viewpoints of our environment. Lechner’s abandon of digital photography may be unusual, but his aesthetic proves to be as innovative if not more so than any digitally based photographic style. His somber scenes have a quiet and meditative air that encourages the spectator to relish a world that seems comparable with yet far removed from our own.

In this era of instant gratification, Jürgen Lechner places enormous emphasis on a slowed-down photographic process that brings forth energy and passion in his artworks. Far too many things in life happen quickly and he feels that by taking control of the speed at which his art is created allows for a more practical experience and enjoyment of place and time. As with all artists across the globe, the award-winning German photographer aims to create artistically inspired pieces that are based on his own inner vision, providing a significant impact on the world as a whole. Huge efforts go into his work—from subject matter and composition, to light and depth—all while bringing forward emotion that cannot be achieved by working quickly. Jürgen also feels that black and white photography (long exposure or otherwise) opens up a realm that might not be attainable in other mediums of the art and his methods are only 100% complete with the print and presentation. 

Artist Statement - Camera Obscura

In 2006 I decided to go back to the roots of photography, to rediscover pinhole photography with a „Camera Obscura“ – which has become my preferred means of taking photographs. I studied the works of different artists, including painters who influenced my current work. A good photograph takes time, I often visit places several times to find the conditions I need for a special photograph. Working with a pinhole camera means an immense depth of field, a huge image circle and a long exposure time. All has to be considered. I love this „slow“ photography, being one with nature, engaging in deep introspection, getting movement in the pictures, like the action of water or branches in contrast to non-moving objects to reach more tenseness. I do black and white pinhole photography only, as I think it is more mysterious, more insistent, more quiet and suits the method better than color photography.
The Muse Photography Awards
3x Gold and 3x Silver

The Black & White Spider Awards
Honorable Mention in category Fine Art

The Neutral Density Photography Awards
2nd place and Silver Star Award in Special: Panoramic Category

The 11th Pollux Awards
Finalist in category Alternative Process

The ND Awards
Honorable Mention in category FineArt

The Black & White Spider Awards
4 Honorable Mentions in category FineArt
2 Honorable Mentions in category Architecture

The Monochrome Photography Awards
2 Honorable Mentions in category Architecture / Bridges
Honorable Mention in category FineArt

The Moscow International Photo Awards
1st place in category Architecture / Bridges

Black & White Spider Awards
4 Nominees in category Architecture

IPA – International Photo Awards – New York/USA
Honorable mention in category Fine Art – Landscape
Honorable mention in category Nature – Trees

PX3 Paris Awards
Silver Medal in section Nature
Honorable Mention in section Fine Art – Architecture
Honorable Mention in section Fine Art – Nature – Trees
Honorable Mention in section Fine Art – Nature – Landscape
Gala Awards – 7th Pollux Award
Winner in section Architecture
Finalist in section Fine Art
Finalist in section Landscapes and Seascapes

One Eyeland Photography Awards
9 Bronze Medals – Finalist and Winner in section Fine Art

Monochrome Photography Awards
Honorable mention in category Fine Art and 2 honorable mentions in category architecture

The London International Creative Competition
Honorable Mention for the long exposure Fine Art series „Silence“

The Neutral Density Photo Awards
4 honorable Mentions in section architecture, Fine Art, Fine Art other and Nature

The Moscow International Photo Awards
Honorable Mention for my Camera Obscura – „Counterworld“ series

The International Photo Awards, IPA
Honorable Mention for my „infrared dreams“ series

The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, Virginia
Accepted to the Fact and Fantasy online Gallery

„Don’t Take Pictures“
Pinhole Photography online gallery through Don’t Take Pictures magazine!

Critical Mass Finalist

Black & White Spider Awards
2 Nominees in category Nature

IPA – International Photo Awards
5 honorable mentions in categories Abstract/Landscape/FineArt/Nature/Wildlife

Call 4 Artists

Photoshoot Awards – OCEAN 2013
Finalist in Category „Beauty and Emotion“and Catalogue Publication

Honorable Mention – Urban Landscapes

Winner „Kunstpreis Sparkasse Nürnberg“

International Loupe Awards, Australia
2 Bronze Awards in section Landscape

PX3 Awards, France
2 honorable mentions in section Fineart

Black & White Spider Awards, USA
Nominee in section Fineart, Architectural, Nature and Still Life

PX3 – Prix de la Photographie Paris, France
Altered Images – Honorable Mention – Surreal World

Creative Quarterly, New York/USA
Issue 26 – Runner-Up

Convozine August Challenge, San Francisco/USA
2 Honorable Mentions

Black & White Spider Awards, USA
Nominee, Winner and Honorable Mention – Section Wildlife
2 Nominees – Section Architecture
2 Nominees – Section Fineart
1 Nominee – Section Nature

Camera Obscura Journal
Finalist Professional

The Epson International Photographic Pano Awards
5 Bronze Medals
International Aperture Awards / Australia
2 Silver Medals in Section Science and Nature
1 Bronze Medal in Section Science and Nature
1 Silver Medal in Section Landscape
2 Bronze Medals in Section Landscape
4 Bronze Medals in Section Abstract / Illustrative

Agora Gallery New York / USA
The 25th Chelsea International Art Competition
Juried by Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

The 5th Black & White Spider Awards
Category Fineart

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, San Francisco / USA
Contribution and Acceptation

Nominee at selectedviews, Germany

Fineart Nominee at Black & White Spider Awards, USA

Competition “3. Fränkische Medientage”
Winner “Kleines ganz GROSS”

Mauritius Images Competition “Trash or Vision”
Winner in Category “Vision”

Trierenberger Supercircuit
Goldmedal – Special Theme “Trees”

Trierenberger Supercircuit
Goldmedal – Special Theme “Panorama”
Minimalism in Photography
Center for contemporary creations
Isfahan, Iran

B&W Minimalism – Kerman, Iran
Yadegaran Art Gallery

Artifact Gallery – New York

Lumina Gallery – Wien/Austria

The Worldwide Pinhole Day

ASG Rechtsanwälte • Sylvio Schiller
Not public

RAR Galerie Berlin • Gerhard Charles Rump
Kunst- u. Antiquitäten Tage • Berlin-Charlottenburg
Große Orangerie Schloss Charlottenburg

Lechner [Fotokunst] – Nein [Glaskunst] – Herrmann [Zeichenkunst]

LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
Sofia / Bulgaria

Galerie Kunststück Uehlfeld
Schwarz auf Weiss / Lentz – Lechner – Herrmann
Graphit – Photo – Kuli

Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit der Bildhauerin Monika Ritter

Huntenkunst 2013, Ulft – Niederlande

Gemeinschaftausstellung • Kunstkalender 2013 der Sparkasse Nürnberg

Galerie Kunststück Uehlfeld
Desastres – Fotografie und Zeichnung – Zusammenarbeit mit Lars Hermann
Im Rahmen des tatort2012 des Berufsverbandes Bildender Künstler

Nugloss Gallery Frankfurt

Group Exhibition • Schnörkellos

Huntenkunst Netherlands, Doetinchem (De Huet)

Collective Exhibition “ OBSCURA 1.1 „
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

International Photographic Project

Künstler helfen Mali – Artists aid for Mali

Collective Exhibition at Agory Gallery – New York

Skulpturenlese – Kalchreuth, Germany

DACHSBACH, Wasserschloss: „EigenArt“

„Gegenwelten“ – Online Gallery artnori and Gallery „kleines Atelier“ in Fürth

„Vom ABBILD zum SINNBILD“ – Online Gallery artnori, Lichtenfels

„PhotoArt“ – Kompetenzzentrum Vereinigte Raiffeisenbanken Eckental
B&W MINIMALISM Magazine 20

Magazín iLeGaLiT – NO. 5-2019

Adore Noir – Black & White Fineart Photography Magazine

Camera Craft Magazine – Pinhole Photography for the 21st Century

Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Camera Obscura Journal

Hasselblad Bulletin – The Power of Pinhole

The Kiernan Gallery – Fact & Fantasy catalogue


Tribe International Creative Arts Magazine

The Photo Argus

közu essence – Inspiration is everything

Black Magazine

Shot Magazine